Raised in cosmopolitan island Mykonos and seen the glory, prestige and surreal beauty through her childish eyes, Aurelia is mainly inspired from 80s and 90s fashion trends, authenticity, confidence, sun kissed bodies and effortless wide woman’s smiles. When designing a piece, the ultimate goal is to reborn these decades of wearing a bikini all day and all night long, from enjoying a refreshing dive to crystal waters, to a sunset cocktail, to partying till early morning hours.




         Each designed collection has three phases which makes them unique. First, through travelling around the world the selection of fabrics is carefully made in selected little family shops. Watching a textile Aurelia, inspires the design on her mind wearing it, and visualizing a woman lying on the beach on a summer day, or during the sunset in any of the beautiful beaches of Mykonos. Then research takes off from flicking through old magazines, old series, web browse even photos from her parents youth. Before creating, she works hard on a pattern to achieve the best fit and comfort.


    Aurelia Aqua loves to imagine that her swimsuit would be worn as a whole day fashion item, because its comfortable, elegant and effortless sexy. Improving her designs and techniques everyday, Aurelia Aqua wants to keep the body clear and clean as it is and highlight it through perfect bottom cuts, pure bands that only give a natural holding look, high end textiles which kiss discreetly the body while drying fast. Easy to wear, timeless luxury and comfort are the key words.


      Each collection is designed covering the main fashion trends but always involves styles and flashes from 1990s such as shapes and perfect touches from adorable details. Even naming each piece is an exciting game for Aurelia as every item has a personality on its own and a purpose to fulfill. They are named after their main feature as found in different languages or through playful anagrammatism.